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Dexter 053, originally uploaded by benwaynet. Here’s a picture of Dexter I’m posting from my flickr account.later,jb

UserPoints 0.14 is out

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Most of the modules for this site are out dated. I will working getting them up to date. The User Points is one of my favorite so that should be a good place to start. Anything else you’d like to see let me know. [pnConcept] jb

RSS feed for BitTorrent files

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I’ve never really tried to use BitTorrent files because it seem to be a pain to find files and it was mostly TV shows. Now if I can just keep an eye on RSS feeds to find files……hmmmm …discovered by Blogdigger. Subscribe to this feed to get the latest BitTorrent… Read more »

UserPoints Module Update

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What’s currently happening with the pncUserPoints in the Read more… As you can see, there is a link in the menu for the current working pncUserPoints… Ok, if you are too lazy [pnConcept]

APT Get for RedHat

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I’ve been using Apt-get with clarkconnect’s linux distro, and now I wanted to use apt-get with a redhat 9 install. I found some basic directions here: APT-RPM Red Hat repository

We Caught him!

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I’m sure everyone and their brother will be bloggin about this for the next several weeks. Here’s a list of a few stories about it now. I’ll post my comments about this in a few days, then maybe we’ll konw more. [Yahoo News] [Yahoo News2] [MSNBC] [ABCNEWS] [Slashdot]

Waste Time Online

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weezer sumo hangman catch a fly beat the quilters internet tennis bubble trouble monkey moon lander diner office space web zen home, web zen store, (Thanks, Frank). [Boing Boing Blog]