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What’s missing from xbox live

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Image via Wikipedia Maybe this is more of a request for EASports games, but I’ll assume its something xbox live could fix. I tend to play a lot of sports games. I’ve had friends over that have their own xbox live accounts and every time they have to recover their… Read more »

Xbox games

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I’m loving Madden 08 on the xbox. I’ve downloaded a bunch of demos. So far devil may cry 4 and crackdown are pretty sweet. I want to rent Dead Rising,         Gears of War,         COD4,         and Assassin’s Creed.  … Read more »

Geeky weekend

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Melissa went to her fathers this weekend and took Grace with her, so I had some friends over to game on the Wii and PS2. We had fun with madden, but even more fun with Wii bowling and Mario Strikers. Strikers is a sweet game. We spend a few hours… Read more »