New South Park

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I just got done watching the first south park of the season. It was great!! I’ve added a few themes to the sight, you can test them by logging in and then clicking on the ‘Your Account’ Link. From click the theme button and change the look of your Savage… Read more »

November 1 2001

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updated calendar updated My_Egallery, uploads work now Need to update PN users list, Private message link from PN users list doesn’t work. I downloaded PN users list and whoisonline also a guest book.

Oct 25 01

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I forget to post these changes I added ecomics, phpinfo, and a better user list today I added two themes, darknuke, and Bahraini I’ve uploaded HIP, but need to install it.

Stand Up America

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Broken Arrow, Oklahoma School officials remove “God Bless America” signs from schools in fear that someone might be offended. Channel 12 News in Long Island, New York, orders flags removed from the newsroom and red, white, and blue ribbons removed from the lapels of reporters. Why? Management did not want… Read more »

oct 14 2001

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Calendar is now working Ecomics admin isn’t working MyEgallery admin isn’t working

Site Conversion

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I hope everyone’s doing good. I just wanted you all to know the site has been moved over to postnuke. I think is will help the site grow and give us more options. I’ll be adding the calendar, weather, and gallery back very soon. later,jb

New Home

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I just wanted to say what’s up to everyone We are finally moved into the new place. The phone number is the same. Cable and Internet are online :-). Not much more going on, just trying to push the site 😎 later,jb

Terror Timeline

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8:42 a.m. ET First plane slams into the north tower of the World Trade Center 9:00 a.m.ET Approximately 18 minutes later, a second plane slams into the south tower of the World Trade Center. The planes are later identified as American Airlines Flight 11, a Boeing 767 with 81 passengers,… Read more »