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Christmas has started

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This weekend we put up the Christmas tree and hung lights outside. I’m much more into the Christmas spirit this year because of Grace. She already likes looking at all the Christmas lights the neighbors have up. Melissa went out on black Friday before she went to work. I looked… Read more »

Poll Shows Americans Prefer “Merry Christmas” over “Happy Holidays”

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Well duh!!! Its Christmas time, bring out your baby Jesus and Santa Claus and lets party! I will and do correct anyone that wishes me a happy holidays. Take the stick out of your @ss and enjoy Christmas no matter what your religion. Crossposted at Church and State Every year,… Read more »

Deploying SP2 for Push Email

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I hope Verizon offers an upgrade to the samsung i730 On our Exchange Unplugged Tour – I’ve had lots of questions from customers about what they have to do to get Push Email with Windows Mobile 5 devices. I have to re-iterate that you need two components: 1) Exchange 2003… Read more »

Go Lions

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We are off for our lions weekend. We are heading over to the east side of the state to start our Christmas shopping and to see the Lions game tomorrow. I just wanted to remind everyone that this site has turned into my tech site. My personal blog is http://www.savagenomads.net… Read more »

Merry Christmas

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I just want to wish everyone a very merry christmas and a happy new year. I promise you’ll see lots more updates and upgrades in the coming year. jb