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Digital rentals for next generation game consoles

Both Sony and Microsoft have released their first digital subscription service for their respective consoles. I’ve been waiting for a netflix like service for game systems, but the question is do gamers want digital rentals per game, or all you can eat for a monthly cost? Sony went with the… Read more »

Free Gamer Cards

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This Christmas Microsoft and Sony each launched their next gen consoles. For me it is too much cash when they aren’t backwards compatible. But new systems drive down the cost of games on the older consoles so I picked up a few games last week. Which got me back on… Read more »

Evolution of the video game console

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Over the years I’ve had many video game consoles. The NES, Sega Genesis, PlayStation 1,2, and 3, Xbox 360. This info-graphic shows all the consoles over time. Boy have things have changed. The rumors are both Microsoft and Sony will have new consoles out for Christmas time next year.     by… Read more »