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links for 2009-06-16

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ThinApp Microsoft Office 2007 – How-to Virtualize Microsoft Office 2007 – Thinapp, Office, Thinreg, Word, Outlook (tags: thinstall) Virtualization Consultant: ThinApp Part I – Introduction / easy app example (tags: thinstall) VMware: VMware ThinApp Blog: Scripts (tags: thinstall)

links for 2009-06-06

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Register Domain Names with moniker.com (tags: domains registrar) Citrix Application delivery and Server virtualization resources (tags: Citrix) http://pixelpipe.com/ Let pixelpipe send your pictures and videos to all the social sites. (tags: aggregator friendfeed photos sharing social tools)

links for 2009-04-17

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TheVESI.org – Free Software and Virtualization Community PowerShell IDE (tags: management powershell scripting Virtualization vmware) Administration Scripts and WSUS tools & Utilities : Index (tags: vbscript wsus) How To Delegate the Unlock Account Right (tags: activedirectory microsoft)

links for 2008-09-28

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VI:OPS: Clearspace: VI:OPS (tags: vmware sysadmin virtualization) Robocopy Syntax, Command Line Switches and Examples » My Digital Life (tags: robocopy copy) PuTTY Connection Manager tab interface for putty (tags: tabs putty)

links for 2008-08-30

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Free Money Finance: Anyone Out There Use Coupon-Clipping Websites? (tags: money coupon) NoMachine NX – Desktop Virtualization and Remote Access Management Software (tags: windows vnc ubuntu remote x11) Virtual Geek: UPDATED! Get Yer Celerra Virtual Machine here! Running the Celerra simulator on ESX (tags: vmware virtual esx celerra emc)